Thursday, July 26, 2012

Before and After

Yesterday we ran the boys on the field for half an hour when we got up.  They came home wet but reasonably clean. After breakfast, they decided they were still feeling energetic enough that Stan and Puck did mad laps around the yard and through the bamboo.  Wet Max just slept inside, resulting in fabulous bed-face.

The end result:

Hours of bathing, drying, brushing, combing and grooming later, they were in better shape. And even more tired, thank goodness!


Elayne said...

We just had bath day at our house thanks to a flea infestation. I used the garden hose and let them drip dry and I thought it was a huge hassle but it took significantly less time then several hours so I guess I should quit my bitching.

Anonymous said...

You know I adore your dogs & if I ever get to meet them, I might try to smuggle one home with me...but I have no idea how you come up with the patience to deal with the bathing. In my world it's a garden hose & towel dry :-D I admire you!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, love the bed head :)