Monday, December 31, 2012

Mind Dump

I keep meaning to blog but then when I have to make a choice between sleep and blogging sleep wins. So you get a random dump of all the things I've been meaning to talk about.

  • Our house in Arizona doesn't retain heat well, so even with the heater blasting all day I've spent most of the past couple weeks feeling cold.  It took me nearly all 2 weeks to realize that being cold all day explains why I've been feeling sleepy all the time.  I need better insulation.
  • I've very much enjoyed our corporate holiday shutdown and haven't missed work a bit.  Maybe I'll get lucky and my boss will extend her stay in Puerto Rico a few extra days?
  • Big Swim Month is over.  My skin and hair are grateful, but I might kinda miss the abuse a little.  Anyway, mission accomplished...I dropped another 8 seconds from my 100-yard swim test average time.  Just another 30 seconds or so and I might fall into the "average" swimmer's pace LOL
  • Our dogs got a lot of dogpark time in Arizona.  Puck met a bulldog who enjoyed standing on his head.  You're welcome.

  • Christmas certainly brought unexpected surprises, both good and bad.  
  • On the upside, Jeff got me an iPad, which I may have surgically grafted to my body, I love it so much.
  • In more exciting but less fun moments...just as we were about to sit down to Christmas dinner, Jeff's mom's attic went up in flames.  Seems the fireplace lit the insulation on fire and the next thing we knew there was water pouring from the ceiling (it melted a pipe) followed by a ton of smoke.  So we spent Christmas afternoon standing in our driveway next door and dealing with fireman.  And then we took his family out to dinner.  And drank.  A lot.

  • I felt like an alcoholic in my time in AZ.  One or two drinks a night is nothing to most people, but compared to my was.
  • Eventually all fun must end though and since his mom needed a place to stay and the hotel is not the best place for her to care for the elderly family members, we drove back to California all day yesterday so she could move into our house.
  • This is what my MIL's living room looks like now.

  • Those who know me know I read constantly.  When I have the time, a book a day, when I'm busier, a book a week.  It's going to be even faster with my new iPad!!!  Page flipping is so much quicker than with my old first-gen Kindle, and you can fit more on the screen (without squinting).  *happy dance*
  • Poor Stanley was regularly starved this week.  And quite pouty about it.

  • Max thought it would be a brilliant idea to roll in poop at the park the morning after Christmas.  Just to liven things up and all.  Or maybe as payback for spending the afternoon locked in a bedroom while people came and went from our house during the fire.  Thanks, asshole.

  • I'll be back tomorrow with a wrapup on 2012.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years Eve!


GoBigGreen said...

haha I know what you mean about being cold ANd about the 1-2 drinks. My friendsaid " you dontdrink tha much." and i said " compared to the average person i may not!"
Happy New Year sorry about the MIL's house, ouch:(

abbi said...

What an adorable photo with the bulldog sitting on your dog's head!

Katie said...

you pick sleep over blogging for ME!!!!!! rude.

happy new year, friend!

Elayne said...

Sorry about the fire. Xmas was not so great at our house either but at least it did not involve flames and contractors.