Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Dogs Come From California

But they sure like Arizona a lot.

2009_Mar15 009

Stan is a mellow boy who relaxes in the shade after a game of fetch

2009_Mar15 015

Max always wants more and is not afraid to tell you about it

2009_Mar15 016

Everyone with a Chauncey son knows this bark by heart!


beardies3 said...

I am ROTFLMAO over the bark video. I surely do recognize Chuck in that bark. But the humorous part is Stanley's reaction. First he sits smartly; then he leaps sideways; and finally he sits and looks away...all with that goofy grin. Bless his heart.

Dances with Corgis said...

Man, I just couldn't pic my favorite shot of this bunch. As I scrolled they kept getting cuter and cuter. I think if I had to decide, that third one would win- I think I can hear the bark all the way from here!

Clarese said...

Too cute! Stanley looks like he forgot his conditioner in CA. Cutie boys :)

Trishie said...

I couldn't post a comment on your newest entry (??) but a long swim followed by spa time sounds so freaking amazing !