Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things – Sunshine and Moo Cows

It was the rare Saturday in January where it did NOT rain.  Not only that, the weather gods smiled upon us and the temperatures are topping out in the 60s today.  It was truly a beautiful day for riding!


Photo fail but I liked it anyway


I was forced to peel down the arm-warmers relatively early, as the boys put up a brisk pace for the warmup (they were all freezing)


We headed into the south valley, where all the pretty ranches and farms are


I could not pass up an opportunity to moo at the cows


The guys went on to hammer the climb while I spun along.  Before too long I’d caught up with them again!


Headwind and all, it was still a glorious day to be out on the quiet roads!


It was also nice to finish up the ride feeling wonderful, while all my fast-guy riding buddies complained of dead legs and tight backs.  *giggle*  Consistent training – or doing any training in the past few months – does make a difference!


mtanner said...

I think that was Morgan Hill ish area right? I love that stretch. Few cars and yes today was exceptionally nice!

Michelle Simmons said...

Yes! Consistent training (and pacing!) are key. :) Beautiful!

Molly said...

Yes, San Jose to part of Morgan Hill and back!

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

beautiful pictures Molly!! I always moo at the cows too :) love them.

Running and living said...

I am so jealous of your nice weather and great riding roads, with no cars! I've just purchased a tri bike and have only been riding indoors due to snow, while being terrified about the day when I'll have to ride outside along the Boston drivers! Awesome work!

Erin said...

I always talk to cows too. So did my mom when she ran. Looked like a nice ride and great weather!

Meera said...

There is something special about riding next to wide open land and cows. Makes me feel happy.