Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And On the 28th Day, She Rested

I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated a rest day more than I did yesterday.  I put in some good work over the last few weeks - my last full day off being the day 4 weeks ago when I flew from Phoenix to San Jose and back again in the same day (not really restful) - and my body needed the break.

I slept in (at least as long as Stanley would let me).  I went to work for some meetings.  I grocery shopped (OH was this overdue).  I took Max to the vet for another Adequan shot. 

And I finished off my day with some wonderful deep tissue work with my favorite massage therapist.  She tackled all the little kinks I’d worked into myself over the last month.  And she said all the swimming I’m doing is visible in even more muscular development.

I had a short run and a light ride today – my legs are still tired but I’m feeling more human again.  I’m going to continue to enjoy the mostly easy days this week as best I can and I’m sure I’ll be chomping at the bit for harder work by the time next week rolls around.

It amazes me every time, the realization that I LOVE the challenge of hard training.  You’d have to understand how much I HATED working out in “the old days” to get it, but really…nothing thrills me more these days than seeing big volume or big intensity in my schedule.  I spend the early days of the week hitting refresh over and over in Training Peaks, hoping to see what Coach has in store for me next.  Today I was rewarded with a peek ahead – I asked for something worthy for my birthday in a few weeks and WOW did she deliver.  *gulp*  I may need to take a whole bottle of e21 with me that day, but what better way to celebrate growing a year older than to prove you can push yourself to new limits!


Jennifer Harrison said...

YEAH LMM! So glad you enjoyed your rest day - too bad our 'rest' days are not days at the SPA, eh? Next time! :)))

Jennifer said...

Yay for rest days! And it sounds like you made the best of it. Cheers!

SSB said...

I saw the guy walking 5 beardies again today (and a chihuahua and border collie). Either the 5 beardies here are very small or you are a lot smaller than I think/remember. They didn't even come up to my knees, your dogs are bigger right?

Meera said...

Well, you are definitely the tuffest cat I know :) Try and enjoy your rest!