Monday, April 4, 2011

On a lighter note

I had a lovely bike ride with my dad on Friday morning before the shit hit the fan.  Nice weather, pretty scenery and Dad’s new bike!


The dogs and I needed something to distract us on Saturday – thankfully we were signed up to do agility demonstrations at Filoli’s Spring Fling!

Filoli is a big historic estate in Woodside, California – the house is pretty but the gardens and grounds are the really amazing part.


My teacher and her dog (and the heavy crowds we had all day)IMG_0991

The beardie boys enjoyed the agility AND the chance to go visit with the crowd after each performance.  While everyone else’s dogs stood nicely at their sides for the introductions of the teams, mine were wrestling and rolling joyfully in the grass.  They know just how to put a smile on my face.

We got out for a long ride on Sunday morning.  Jeff had a playoff hockey game that night so the guys only rode partway before heading back, but I was glad for the distraction of nearly 3 hours on the road.


Oh yeah, and nearly forgotten in all the trauma of our weekend…I bought a new car on Thursday.  The better to fit dogs AND bicycles, and great gas mileage to boot, my new Honda Odyssey!


Everyone enjoyed taking it for a spin around the block after it came home.



Wes said...

you bought a van? I guess you're a Beardie mom, cause a soccer mom you ain't! :-)

SSB said...

I saw the local beardie gang out walking this morning. I still can't figure out how that guy can walk 5 dogs at once. Even if they are well behaved. But they sure are a cute group.

SHERRY said...

It's so beautiful where you live. Can I come and visit? Glad to see that y'all got out and about this past weekend and tried your best to enjoy yourselves. I'm sure those bouncy balls of fur and that beautiful scenery helped a great deal. :-) Beautiful car! I love the Odyssey! It has always been a terrific model, but the most recent update is gorgeous! Doesn't even come across as a mini-van! Good choice!