Saturday, April 9, 2011

Going Up

When I posted on Facebook Friday night that I’d be doing hill repeats on Highway 9 for my long ride this morning, I got some interesting reactions.  “I am not jealous one bit.”  “I am not doing hill repeats on hwy 9 tomorrow. I can definitely appreciate that.”  “Have fun. At least, as much as possible...”  “Be careful!!!!”

You’d think it didn’t sound fun or something!

Don’t worry, I didn’t climb the whole thing (I assigned that to Jeff and Nigel, who were left wondering how they ended up being conned into climbing a mountain), I had repeats of a set time to do so I went back and forth roughly between the 0.5 and 2.5 mile marks for about 400 feet of climbing each time.

All the spring rains mean GREEN everywhere (Nigel behind me)


The highway twists and turns the whole way up, nothing to see but trees and the next bend in the road.


Overall I felt really good on the repeats after dragging a bit through the warmup (which was also a climb over ~15 miles to get to the base of Hwy 9).  I took 2 e21s every hour of the ride and was right on top of my fueling, if possibly getting a little sick of the latest stuff I’m trying.

My favorite (sarcasm) repeat was definitely the last one when I was required to stand up and go hard for the last few minutes of the climb.  It’s right along where this last photo was taken and around the last curve the shoulder drops off a steep embankment to the creek below – I had sufficient motivation to keep hammering because I feared I’d fall over and right off the road if I didn’t.


The ride was followed in rapid succession by food (I might have snuck a mimosa in there too – hey, it’s Vitamin C right?), shower, nap, compression tights.  One more day to go before I end a very big week and I need all the rest I can get to finish it off strong.


Meredith said...

That's my girl! No great training day is complete without a mimosa.

SSB said...

Nice I have a bunch of hill repeats for my long ride tomorrow. So much more 'fun' than just riding long.

Michelle Simmons said...

That does look like a BIG mountain! I was like, she's repeating up THAT?? Lol. Ouch. Well done!

Ginger Spansel said...

"Hill"??? Repeats?? I think those are Mountain Repeats!! Yikes! I'd have to drive all day to get to anything like that. The only thing we have to climb around here is the bridge to Sunset Beach!!

Way to go Girl!!!!!!

sallyaston said...

Awesome! Beautiful scenery, which you may not have appreciated while doing hill repeats, LOL.

jennabul said...

Great job! Highway 9 is *SO* much fun...heh...way to get it done and not tumble into the creek....

SHERRY said...

I'm feeling dizzy.

Hills don't usually photography very well... um... but yours did! Wow!

Way to 'git er done' out there!