Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Please, Sir

Yeah yeah I know, I said I would enjoy rest week and appreciate it. 


Take rest week and combine PMS, excessive amounts of airborne pollen and hockey playoffs and it’s a surefire recipe for frustration.

Yes, it’s the most wonderful – and stressful – time of the year: playoffs!  I may age 10 years before the first round is over.


The wind is blowing relentlessly and one of the trees in the backyard gives off a massive cloud of white every time I accidentally throw a frisbee into it.  Jeff is in the full throes of allergy misery, stuffed up and sneezing and all.  I only feel it in little ways – like, oh, having trouble breathing for my one and only hard workout of the week and therefore struggling to hit any of my intended paces.  Sweet. 

On the upside, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and should clean the air out a bit.  That should dovetail nicely with the butt-kicking track workout I need to do in the morning.  Thank goodness I get to go back to hard work this week as I start building towards my peak Olympic races!

I got a fresh dose of motivation today as I spectated the Reservoir Triathlon down in Morgan Hill!  It was a lovely day for racing – cloudy start but PLENTY of sun in time for the run.  Once I heard the lake water was in the 50s, I was glad I waited this year to kick off my season in warmer conditions, but I still just loved soaking in the race environment – triathletes must be “my people” because I felt right at home. 


I can’t wait for my turn – less than 3 weeks to go!!!


Running and living said...

Sorry about the allergies, hope they clear up shortly!. And, yes, the playoffs, my husband is bbal crazy, we are watching as I type, Celtics vs the Nixs. I need to start putting limits on the TV, LOL:)

Jennifer said...

I can write my name of the hood of my truck with all the tree pollen here. Rest up you'll be racing in no time!

Kris said...

Thanks again for coming out to support your racing friends!

Confession...I stole your pics. :)