Monday, September 16, 2013


I've been so busy with work and school that a month went by.  And now I'm sure everyone wants to hear about the great Boulder Flood of 2013.  So let me catch up real quick, mostly via photos, on the past month, and then I'll try to work on our flood story...

More sunny pretty views.  

Boulder Creek at sunset.  Remember that water level later.

First day of classes!!! Graduate school round 2 and I'm LOVING it.

The threat of rain and thunderstorms did nothing to dissuade graduate students from free food and beer at the welcome picnic

Jeff visited us over Labor Day weekend.  And bought us an air conditioner.  Stanley may never move from this position.

Happy dogs love beer tasting at Oskar Blues!

Before Jeff went home, we hiked the Royal Arch trail in the Flatirons.  Just gorgeous.

This never gets old.

My first try ordering from Boulder Baked.  Think about it…hot fresh cookies delivered to your door, as late as midnight?

A pretty Saturday morning meeting up with a friend to hike our dogs together

Saw this on my weekend long ride…I don't know why it made me laugh, but all the cars there appeared to be those of folks off riding.

I went to the first CU home game.  And met Ralphie!

Monday, September 9th, the first day of rain and it was still lovely here.

Day 3 of rain and a saaaaaad bath face