Sunday, February 13, 2011

And now, I rest

23 straight days of training since my last rest day.

38 workouts.

27,500 yards of swimming.

195.3 miles of biking.

61.1 miles of running.

4 hours of strength training.

And I feel…STRONG.  Excited.  I want MORE. 

I am so proud of this training block and how well I’ve managed my body’s recovery needs.  I’ll post about this in detail tomorrow (because what else do you do with a rest day besides whine that you need something to do), but I have to give a huge shout-out to Recovery e21.  2 capsules every morning and 2 more after big tough workouts equaled sustainable endurance in the face of a challenging training block and a significant reduction in muscle soreness.  Or, as my husband said, “I know you haven’t been sore because you haven’t been complaining about it all the time like you normally would.”

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I finished off the week with a long run with my little brother, who is training for the full Iron distance at Vineman this July.  (Check out his blog and give him some support!)

Come out, sun, we need to warm up!


Not sure why we look so happy about this!  Maybe Robert was happy he was totally kicking my ass with the pace, and I was happy I didn’t take another picture of my foot.


Thank goodness the fog burned off


Water views make every ride/run better, right?


Yes, the weirdness DOES run in the family.



E.L.F. said...


Jill said...

What trail is that? It looks beautiful (and not congested like the LG Creek trail).

Molly said...

Coyote Creek Parkway. LOVE it out there, all my 15+ mi runs are done there.

Andrew Opala said...

awesome views, but your iron workouts blow me away!

Anonymous said...

Wow, NICE JOB on the training block!! And great that you're still hungry for more. You are going to rock this season :-)

melissa said...

Excellent! And, perfect timing. Your Big Block of Training coincided with some great weather.

Michelle Simmons said...

Beautiful run! And I hope your rest week goes better than mine did. Blah.

Lora said...

That is seriously awesome training. And, yes, water views do make the training routes better.

Anonymous said...

are you both flexing? if you are going to flex, lift your elbow up higher ;) hehe! NICE WORK Molly - I am proud of you too!! Keep up the GREAT work!

Clarese said...

Such a rock star!!

ADC said...

Wow, amazing.

Jennifer Harrison said...

I read this on my IPHONE while traveling and I instantly emailed elizabeth and said....I LOVE MOLLY - read her blog! IT IS so good - spot on - solid - I have loved to watch you evolve as an athlete. You are doing so great - you put your head down and just do the work - and smile. LOVE that about you!!!

Maria said...

Total rock star!

You've been busy, as always...when do you have time to sleep?!

Congrats on your new tri team, I look forward to hearing about it this year!