Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No shortage of hair around here!

I just scanned all the nationals photos I bought from our awesome photographer. Enjoy!

Max on the agility course

Stanley in his very first trial

Prepping Stan to go into the rally ring (remember what a fiasco that was...)

Stan in the Sweeps ring

and right before he won Best Opposite in sweeps

In the Best of Breed ring

Sweeps Win Photo

And a non-dog photo. The only one I bought from Vegas, I clearly look ill here sprinting for the finish line but my feet aren't touching the ground!


Melissa said...

Wow. Molly! That's a great photo of you running :-)

The photos of your Champions are cool too! They could be the dog equivalent of the Pantene commercials where the model's hair just glistens in the light and gracefully moves around in slow-motion.

Meera said...

Do they really expect you to run with your dog in skirts?! The doggies (and you!) look great - nothing like seeing a fuzzy beardie run.