Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Got Hit With the Christmas Stick

That’s my excuse for dropping off the blogosphere for a few days.  I just couldn’t overcome the post-Christmas apathy enough to write anything.

We had a lovely Christmas morning with our traditional running of the dogs on a deserted field on the ASU campus.




After that Jeff took the boys home and I ran the whole way back for my 12 Fartleks of Christmas assignment.  Then we opened gifts and had a nice lunch with my in-laws.

And then I starved the rest of the day.  We will not talk about this further.

I had a swim test on Sunday – with most area pools closed, I had opted to schedule a couple services at a resort spa with its own lap swim pool.  Might as well reward myself!  I am pretty sure it has been a while since that spa pool had seen a hard workout.  Last week was actually a test week for my biking as well – that turned out OK.  It was about where I should be for the start of the year, and better than I started last year.

This week I’ve just been plugging away at my workouts (and quite pleased with how they are going), enjoying the sunshine and relative warmth of Arizona, and appreciating our corporate year-end shutdown!  As well as trying to get back to healthy eating (not too rough) and drinking less alcohol (hmmmm, still working on that one).  I was supposed to leave for southern California today to compete at an agility trial Wednesday through Friday, but the projected rain and cold there swayed me to stay here a little longer instead.  With big tough workouts on the schedule, I’m happier doing them out of the house on a more flexible schedule rather than in a hotel with limited time.  We’ll get out there for the trial on Friday (rest day) then drive home Friday night.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


Michelle Simmons said...

That seems like a crime against humanity to be starving on Christmas! ;)

Running and living said...

Just wanted to say hello, I am a fellow E21 athlete!
Arizona weather must feel perfect right about now! I am jealous:)

Anonymous said...

yes, what is this starving on Christmas thing all about? I ate too much all of December... just slowly getting back to eating healthy and trying to lose the extra layer I've put on. Enjoy the rain and drive safe back to Cali!!