Saturday, July 9, 2011

Central Valley Adventures

Stanley and I had an agility trial up in Dixon today just south of Sacramento – in the flat farmlands of California’s Central Valley.  I also had a long workout on the schedule and so I planted my dog at the trial with a friend and hit the road for my longest ride of the year. 

Since I’ve never ridden in the area, I came up with a route online and was just hoping it would work.  For the most part it was good.  I survived the first 9 miles that I knew were on farm roads with fast traffic and no shoulder.  The hilly section was FAR steeper than I expected.  And the headwind was STRONG for 25+ miles of the ride – I went through all 99 bottles of beer on the wall plus several recitations of The Jabberwocky.

Oh look, another hill…


And more to go still…


A flatter moment





Faking my appreciation of the worst headwind I’ve ever ridden in, much less for the entire last hour of the ride


Tomorrow I’m getting my long run done at home, where it’s NOT 90 degrees, before I go back to the agility trial.  I hope my legs remember how to work by then…


melissa said...

Love the fake smiling through the effing head wind.

Michelle Simmons said...

I had an effing headwind for the last 2 hours of my ride today too. Ugh. I was not physically/mentally prepared for that today.

Looks nice though over there and I'm jealous you get to try new routes!

Jennifer said...

The most perfect fake smile ever! Have fun today. Cheers!

Freementia said...

So dang positive. I love it. Headwinds suck. The end.

Aimee said...

Headwinds totally suck! But, it looks beautiful where you rode! I love the Sunflowers!