Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Race Week Fun

I always assume the decreased volume of race week means a lot more time to rest and relax but things seem as busy as ever - organizing, making lists, dropping the bike off for a tuneup and so on.  Between that and being trapped at work for one meeting after another, it's a miracle that I'm starting to feel a little zippy and eager to race!

And someone needs to grocery shop around here because there is not enough food to keep me in business as I scavenge in the cabinets at night after dinner.  Thankfully I think my appetite has dropped a little bit finally.  I wondered yesterday if forgetting to eat was my new race weight strategy or just dumb.

Don't answer that.

I finally got around to writing my race plan and sending it off to my coach - it was good to write out everything I planned to do for the day so that I can just check that if I'm not sure what I need to be doing this week!  She had some great input and some highly entertaining goals for me to check off when it comes to race day.  I will report back what they are and if I accomplished them after Saturday!

My TrainingPeaks kit will get its 1/2IM debut on Saturday, I know it'll be up to the challenge :)  The lines on my favorite Performance Management Chart show my "tiredness" (not official term but close enough) line is dropping as my "freshness" line climbs, so I'm as rested and ready for this thing as I'm gonna be.

This is about as close to a backyard race as I could get, with the finish just a few miles from home, so I'm glad they've added this distance to the race weekend (I've done the Olympic here the past 2 years and the sprint was my first tri ever). 

Onward to race day!


Jennifer Harrison said...

GOOD LUCK THIS weekend, Molly!!!! :) And have fun in your new TP kit!

donna said...

Good luck Molly. Can't wait to read the race report.

Elayne said...

Good luck and have fun.

Anonymous said...

Have a great race.