Thursday, August 16, 2012

Taper Thursday

In typical random scatterbrained fashion...

  • My legs hurt.  Clearly my body heard this is the week in taper where you're supposed to feel like ass, so it's living up to the billing nicely.  
  • Yesterday my hip was popping.  Like, every time I flip-turned in the pool. See, flip turns are bad for you.
  • I spent my lunch break today googling videos of the IMC swim start, the course, etc.  If you do this to yourself, watch these things with the sound off.  No one needs to hear the words "hardest IM course on the circuit" 10 days before the race.
  • I'm fairly sure my coach is over my taper complaints. Especially today's TrainingPeaks log where I said "blah blah taper blah blah you don't want to hear it."
  • I'm totally over the wake up at 4:45am to get to masters on time thing.  Not that I sleep past 5:45 these days but still.
  • TrainingPeaks had a great blog post on 3 times you want to see your little blue line take a nose dive.  You know, like during an IM taper.  So at least I've got that nailed...a quick look at my PMC shows it's coming down right on target! 

  • I haven't had any race dreams.  But I have been waking up around 2am with my heart racing, every night this week.  So that's fun.
  • If you want to take travel for an Ironman up a notch, roadtrip to your destination with your dogs in tow.  That'll add a fair amount to your packing list.
  • Because the dogs will be taking up a fair amount of vehicle space, my bike is going to Canada via TriBikeTransport.  Because TBT is not offering race wheel rentals at Canada, I'm renting through  I'm hoping to get them on my bike tomorrow so I can test ride them this weekend and make sure everything is hunky-dory.  
  • 2420!  That's my race number for IMC. The marijuana jokes have already begun.
  • Just a few more days till we hit the road!!!  


Michelle Simmons said...

Nalani's number is similar at 2204. ;)

Meredith said...

YAY! Can't wait to follow you on race day!

Kris said...

Gah! Must.Start.Packing! Exciting. Terrifying. Will see you up there soon!

Katie said...

Yay, you're getting so close!