Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring is sprung!

I know, not if you live in the Midwest or East Coast or in Colorado these days...but it's been fairly nice in California and where I'm at now.  I've just been plowing through training since the last race, nothing too exciting to report except my cough seems to finally be going away.  Mostly I am trying to survive work and plan my last 4 months in California, making sure we see all our friends and do as many activities as we can before the big move.  I'm suddenly quite worried we won't fit it all in!  But we should have a darn good time outside of work over the coming months.

Some random photos...

Clean dogs who do not want to pose


I took advantage of no in-person meetings at the office this week to drive down to AZ just before the weekend.  Our Christmas trip was so altered by the house fire, and I'm grateful to fit in a visit as I won't have time again till December!

Driving all night was not super fun but after a nap it was nice to hit the pool to loosen up!

It was nice to do a long ride outside after spending 2+ hours on the trainer last weekend, even if it was awfully windy

Who says the desert is dry and brown?

Overall a good day out there

I checked one box off the list, making it to a spring training game this year (the only baseball I ever see).  Unfortuantely it was SO crowded because it was a weekend that I was overheated packed in with so many people and the whole experience wore me out.  Or maybe that was my long run that came first that morning...

The dogs are having a good time with the visit, getting lots of walks to their favorite places here and meeting many people who want to pet them.  They are even being pretty tolerant of my endless photo-taking!

I hope the spring and warmth hit everyone else soon!  It's nearly April fergodssakes and you all deserve some sunshine and outdoor training weather.  Skratch Labs posted this photo on Facebook yesterday and while it may not be great training weather, I can tell you my dogs think it looks like fabulous beardie weather.  A lot is going to change for us!


heather said...

What is that green stuff that your dogs are laying on? I think we might have had some of that last year.

Freckles' favorite dog park reopened for the season last week. It is closed again this week because the lake in the middle frozen again. :(

Kristina said...

Looks like a great trip - we love traveling with our bikes and finding great places to ride.

GoBigGreen said...

All that green grass and even some brown stuff looks like heaven to me:) Glad you got away for a bit Molly.

Meera said...

I know there was a lot of other stuff in your post, but really, I couldn't look past the dogs. The beardies are looking extremely cute and puppy-like with their freshly styled hair.

Bob Mitera said...

Like another poster - I'm not certain I've seen those green things on the ground. Same for trees - what are those things on the branches? I don't remember them. Being in Chicago, I'm not certain what that bright light is in all these pictures. Where are the clouds? :)