Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The countdown to Wildflower

Just a few days until my first Olympic triathlon at Wildflower. On Friday Chris and I will leave for Lake San Antonio.

We sent our tent ahead last week with some wonderful folks in the tri club who were going to grab space for all of us. It merited a mention in the email sent out to the club: "I'm returning tomorrow afternoon to the lake and will be there until the festival is over. If I'm bored, I'll probably try to erect some of the tents (although Paul might have done that before I get there). Thank you to those who included directions for what might be challenging construction jobs. :-) I can't remember who had the tent with three rooms and sleeps 7-8 but I want to party with you! I think it will give TNT's tent a run for its money. ;-) "

Anyway, Chris and I head down to our party tent on Friday, will watch the other races on Saturday, and then have our race on Sunday! The waves start at 9am and go off every 5 minutes through 11am. My start is around 10:30am so I will be racing in the heat of the day - blech.

Please think happy thoughts...I do not want to be hauled out of the lake gasping for air!

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