Thursday, May 29, 2008

So far, so good!

Four days into week 5 of the training plan and I'm still on track and have made all my workouts! I switched today's swim with tomorrow's run but I'm on target to stay with the program. TrainingPeaks says I've completed 6hrs, 32mins of exercise so far this week (and I have about 6hrs, 30mins still to do!).
I'm even making some progress as far as eating better. I've got fruit sitting right here on my desk so that I can't forget to eat it - did I mention I'm getting a new desk? It's coming on Tuesday. I will finally get to work on a real desk in the master bedroom instead of sitting here at the kitchen table. Anyway, I'm making some attempts to eat better - more fiber, more fruit and veggies, more water and *sob* less beer.

The dogs just all enjoyed some raw bones and are crashed out in various spots around my feet. Stanley has agility class tonight and I'm sure will enjoy himself tremendously. Maybe I will try to get video of it one of these days? In other exciting Stanley news, next Wednesday he starts competition obedience classes with my agility friend Pam. We are looking forward to getting him ready for the rally and obedience rings!

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