Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tri For Real Race Report

Adapted from my email to Liz

Nothing went right in the day before the race. Stan is wearing a cone collar to keep him from chewing on a sore spot and banged it around all night. The alarm did not go off this morning and I woke up 5 minutes before my planned departure - and still left the house on time (except without Jeff) because I had packed well. The body marking lady was mean to me. I accidentally let the air out of my tires trying to fill them (usual Jeff duty). I couldn't get the tire pressure high enough. My friend did it for me and broke the stem of my tube, necessitating that I change the tube out. I couldn't get the tire off...thankfully some nice guy helped me change the tire.

But I did get to the race site on time and get my favorite spot in transition there - right near the bike in/out and run out.

Swim: Shadow Cliffs has dropped a couple feet since I raced there in June and grown some nice green mold around the edges. But the water was warm compared to air temperature. The swim was out about 300 yds, turn left for about 100 yds, and turn left for 300 yds back to the beach. There were only 2 buoys total - at the turns - and this made it a bit hard to sight. I was to take this swim easy and just focus on being smooth and relaxed. I followed feet out to the first buoy and through the turn. After the 2nd turn, I was more alone and had a hard time sighting to the bland non-marked beach. I wandered around a bit more than I would have liked in the water but finished feeling good and not tired. In talking to people, we think this course might have been longer than 700 yds.

T1: Hurried through trying to make up time, I was in and out within 2 minutes.

Bike: As instructed, I took it easier for the first 10 minutes, eating and drinking and spinning my legs at a high cadence. There was more headwind than last time I raced here. I picked it up after 10 minutes and started passing a lot of people, especially those in my age group. When I came around for the 2nd lap I was much faster than the first and felt good. The course was under advertised distance here - most of us got ~16.5 miles. I averaged ~18.2mph.

T2: In and out in 30 seconds. Ah the beauty of being RIGHT. THERE. at the bike in/run out.

Run: Miles aren't marked on this course so I used blocks of time as approximate markers to increase pace as per my instructions. I took it easier the first half to full mile, letting my heart rate come down and focusing on good turnover. I was passed by one person in my age group during that time. I was not passed by anyone in any group for the rest of the run. I pushed as hard as I could, especially at the end of the run. There were some steep hills on the trails and as much as I didn't want to, I ran them all. It felt good to pass a lot of guys who started the race 10-20 minutes ahead of me! 4 mi run at avg 8:19/mi - probably my best pace on a triathlon run up to this point.

Total time: 1:48. My goal going in for the day was to break 1:55!

I also finally got to meet 21st Century Mom (who totally kicked butt and beat her goal time) and she did get a picture of us together, so keep an eye out for her posting it!


SWTrigal said...

WOW-that is an impressive race time!!congrats..

Anonymous said...

Awesome race - congratulations!!!

You're super fast, girl :-)

Elayne said...

Congrats! Sounds like a great way to close out the tri season.

21stCenturyMom said...

My post should be up at 12:15 due to the way my blog platform works. The picture is there - it happened!

It was so nice meeting you and I'm glad your race went much better than your pre-race. Your ride home must have been easy because you got there fast!

beardies3 said...

Way to go Molly!!!

Anonymous said...

Clicked on you from a post you left at another blog - our names and boy's name is the same! So cool - I have a mop dog too - he weighs less than one of your dog's tails! Enjoying your blog. I. So. Don't. Exercise.

Courtenay said...

great job surpassing your goal despite a tough pre-race experience! i am impressed.
and thanks for checking out my blog! hope you have a great off-season.