Friday, January 30, 2009

What happened to global warming?

I leave for tri camp in Florida on Wednesday. The long range forecast is not looking like the sunny warm training weather I was expecting. Sure, all those people from the Midwest will be frolicking in t-shirts and shorts. But I will be the frozen Californian shivering and complaining about how cold it is.

The 25 Random Things About Me game has been flying around on Facebook. I posted my list there but thought I'd put it up here as well, with some minor edits. Looking at other people's lists, I remembered a few other things worth adding, so here are my 30 Random Things.

30. I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
29. I like hitting things. It's very therapeutic.
28. I got my scuba certification when I was 15 (I imagine it has lapsed by now).
27. I *heart* Doug Murray. Don't worry, Jen, I will share him with you. (But I'm sure we're not the only 2 old married ladies in San Jose eyeing him)
26. I talk a lot. Even more if I drink. It's a wonder my husband doesn't run screaming from the room some days.
25. I am so proud of my mom for taking up hiking for the first time in her life!
24. I am the oldest of nine siblings.
23. The youngest five are adopted from China and Vietnam. They are way cooler than me. As you all know they also swim faster.
22. I now live 2 blocks from my high school (the *shame*!).
21. I am a rabid hockey fan.
20. I married my husband for his hockey season tickets (just kidding!).
19. A lot of our schedule revolves around the needs (wants?) of the dogs.
18. We spend a few weeks in the winter and spring in Arizona and it never feels like long enough.
17. I am spending the majority of 2009 training for my first Ironman (and some other triathlons along the way). I think anyone who reads here knows this by now!
16. I did not play team sports in high school.
15. I did not know how to swim - and could not put my face in the water - 2 years ago.
14. My parents make raising kids look way too easy. If only everyone could do it as well as they do. I know I couldn't.
13. I feel bad that I am too busy to see my friends and family most of the time.
12. I am a recovering addict. My vice? Tim's Jalapeno Chips. I have reached the point where Jeff does not have to hide them anymore and I am able to resist.
11. I feel like I wasted my college years (socially).
10. I think it is funny when Max jumps on the bed and takes over Jeff's side before he can get in.
9. I think Facebook has been pretty fun to reconnect with old friends.
8. It feels weird to be Facebook friends with ex-boyfriends though. Even weirder that they all have kids!
7. I haven't taken a honeymoon yet. Maybe next year. If it doesn't conflict with any races...
6. I am so over my job.
5. I might be starting to like swimming.
4. I am hungry. All the time.
3. I think it's cute when Stanley growls and barks in his sleep.
2. I broke my wedding ring when I crashed my bike last summer. I eagerly await a replacement.
1. I'm 5'0" but I wear size 9 running shoes.


Missy said...

I love the list and my favorite is the dogs barking and running in their sleep. I just double over laughing and taunting - get that bunny, get him - I think it makes him 'run' faster, hahaha.

Anonymous said...
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ShirleyPerly said...

I think the new term is Climate Change as opposed to Global Warming, which would explain why a normally warm place is colder than usual. And cool that you have a black belt too. Though I'm no longer actively training, I find the things I learned are applicable to so many things, like overcoming my fear of swimming, which was quite similar to sparring, early on.

And just out of curiosity, which tri camp in FL are you attending? I'm in the Orlando area.