Sunday, February 28, 2010

And 1 Week Later

Here, I am, in my hockey gear, watching the USA play Canada.  Again.  Except this time, it’s for a medal.

It’s been a busy week, just getting workouts done and going to the office and such.  Nothing too exciting.

Yesterday, we decided to do some furniture moving in the house, which required organizing some of the stuff stored in the furniture.  For 7+ years, I’ve tossed ribbons, show photos and title certificates into a large dresser drawer in our guest bedroom.  Digging them all out was like rediscovering old treasures, remembering the memories that went with the trials and shows.  I ended up filling this entire bin with win ribbons!!! Mostly Max’s but Stanley is responsible for some pretty big ones (BOBs and specialty wins) too.


Today I had my first good long outdoor ride of the year!  Despite all the on and off rain we’ve been having, the day ended up being perfectly sunny!

I got to finally wear my IM AZ kit!


This time of year, everything is green and beautiful out!



I was thrilled to do one of our regular hilly rides and see that all my winter work on the trainer is paying off – the climbs didn’t feel hard!  I also didn’t get dropped by the boys :)


Training totals for February 22-28:
Swim: 6500 yards
Bike: 67.1 miles
Run: 15.3 miles
Strength: 1 hour
Total time: 10.6 hours

February Totals: Swim 23,750 yds/Bike 198.2 mi/Run 62.3 mi


Beth said...

I really like riding outside for the first time in the spring because I always get that "wow - that trainer made me strong" feeling! It really does - doesn't it! :) Anyway, glad you had such a great ride and look at all those ribbons! :)

Missy said...

I'm're in SHORTS for crying out loud. Looks like a perfect day for a ride.

P.S. New baby, Roland, will be delivered to us Easter weekend! I know I've got at least a year or so but I've got an agility dvd (Leerburg) so I can start on the little, non-jumping/impact stuff.

GoBigGreen said...

OH SO JEALOUS...of the open road, of shorts and of sunshine! love that you got out:) so worth it.
Too bad about the game but it was a good one...

Maria said...

Wow, it was 36 degrees today and I was about to break out the shorts, you must be in heaven right now!

jennabul said...

And how did the new vest work out? Great week! Loved the hockey swag =) Seriously, you kept up with all the boys? That rocks =)

Runner Leana said...

Love the vest Molly, it looks great on you! Yay for outdoor riding in February!!

Rainmaker said...

USA. :(

Anonymous said...

Ah yeah, so, this is from Alex -"slap" - freaking shorts. But I just remembered, we beat you. Guess we're even. :)