Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Wrapup

*I heart this serious old man.


*Stanley and I spent a lot of time together this week…appointments all week, off to the groomer on Friday, and the boys spectated a local dog show with me today.  I think we are starting to really form an adult bond and partnership as he matures.  This makes me happy.

*Getting groomed is exhausting, according to Stan.


*I ran intervals yesterday and tried out my new racing shoes (Asics DS Trainer) for the first time.  It is unlikely the shoe is to blame, but WOW I had some fast-for-me times.  I crossed a barrier in pace I’ve never done before!

*One of my dogs, we’ll call him HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED, clobbered me in the face with his paw in an overenthusiastic effort to say hello to a beardie person at the dog show today.  I tasted blood.  B*astard.

*Olympic hockey is serious business in this house.  No matter who wins the US-Canada game tonight, it’s our (Sharks) guys so we’re happy.



*My legs are really tired.  I had a hard long-hill repeat simulation on the trainer today and…OW.  Where’s my foam roller?

Training totals for February 15-21:
Swim: 6400 yards
Bike: 64.7 miles
Run: 15.1 miles
Strength: 1/2 hour
Total time: 10.5 hours


Marit C-L said...

Yea for the speedy run workout - excellent! :) Sorry about the over-enthusiastic doggie greeting...yikes. Happy training for this next week Molly!

ADC said...

Your dogs are sooo cute (I know I keep saying this but it is true.). Nice supporting outfits :)))

San said...

Oh, I love the dog pictures.

Ouch on the paw incident.

Hurray And congrats on the pushing the barrier. This reminded me of an old commercial for running shoes "Getting quicker Mr. Morris, new shoes?"

Maria said...

That was quite the hockey game last night! Hope your canine battle wound heals well!

ShirleyPerly said...

I think lightweight trainers can make a big difference both physically and mentally. Thanks for reminding me to get mine out!

D said...

Some dude at the bar last night was wearing the Lululemon helmet. We broke it to him that Lululemon is a total chick store (up til last night he was only harassed because it was a Canadian brand). Poor dumb American :)

Runner Leana said...

Love how the pups are getting into the spirit of things too! What a game last night...although I do confess that I missed the majority of the third period to watch ice dancing because watching Brodeaur was not making me happy.

Yay for reaching a new level of speediness!!

Wes said...

What a great game that was too. I couldn't keep my eyes open till the end though...

Kim said...

im cracking up at your outfit :)

yay for quick running!!!

Meera said...

I totally get loving the old man. I still drop everything I am doing if Kuttu looks sad and needs a pet. They are just so sweet and patient.

Rainmaker said...

...but it's all that much better that US won. :)

Tea said...

I love love love the outfit. As always the pictures are SO cute.