Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And the fun parade rolls on…

Based on the number of swims I have this week, I will either drown or be heavily chlorinated by Sunday. 

Early this morning Jeff and I enjoyed a nice ride up-up-uphill into the desert.  I had to work hard to keep my watts up on the return downhill trip so we really flew back at high speed!



He makes it look so easy! No matter how hard I have to push, he just cruises along behind me (and I hear the click-click-click of him coasting).


My hair is so short right now that all I can do to hold it back on the bike is these stupid pigtails.


After the ride, I had a transition run that was a bit less fun.  The day was really heating up and I felt it big time.  At least it made my special time with the foam roller and the ice bath feel worthwhile.


We caught a couple hours of the Giants-Cubs spring training game at Scottsdale Stadium this afternoon.  I drank so much water, it wasn’t even funny…put me on a bike, make me run or swim and it’s fine but just SIT there in the sun and do nothing?  I feel the heat even more acutely.  The nice part though was I spent half my day in the powerful Arizona sun without the slightest pink tinge to my skin – thank you, Kinesys!


Finally, we wrapped up the day finally using a Christmas gift certificate from a couple years ago to the Melting Pot.  Forgot the camera so we had to make do with our Blackberries.

Bread and cheese- my favorite.







We paid the dogs off for our absence with a good run on the golf course in the moonlight.  Now off to sleep before another long day tomorrow!


San said...

Looks like a wonderfull day. Glad for you, but I envy you a bit the beautiful ride. ;-)

And the pigtails look adorable on you.

Maggs said...

Sometimes I wish we had some of the same restaurants all you guys have. But then it's probably a good thing we don't have a fondu place.

Maria said...

it looks so warm and pretty there! way to take advantage of the weather down there!! love the pigtails!

Wes said...

ahhhh That looks like such fun :-)

Liz Waterstraat said...

You love to swim! :) And you're getting stronger!