Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dragging the Weekend Out a Little Longer = More Photos

My husband has pointed out that I missed a critical attribute of Mendocino in my description of town.  Not only was Murder, She Wrote filmed there, so was the movie Cujo.  Because that makes it sound sooooo much nicer to visit, right?

Anyway, Jeff took some photos as well.




There are 2 dogs in this photo.




Bathing station at the hotel for post-beach cleanup


The next victim awaiting a bath


Those days between baths seem to fly by, I suppose, because tomorrow everyone gets one again before we hit the road for a quick dog-related trip.  As always, I will try to pack the camera!


Beth said...

Molly I crack up EVERY SINGLE TIME you post a picture where you have to tell us how many dogs are in the picture. I swear I can't see two dogs in your post today! HAHA!! Looks like a beautiful weekend!!

San said...

Jeff named his dog after a horror movie?! Good thing Cujo doesn't know.

In the second pic I see the two of them. Definitely not in the first one.

Max plays the poor victim perfectly. Haha.

Have a great day.

Kim said...

there are 2 dogs in that picture? where! what are they doing?! do i get to meet these handsome men in CA? sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time.

Meera said...

Love the 2-dog pic! I like that your hotel had a bathing station. How cool!

heather said...

You took a St Bernard named Cujo to Cujo-town? Did he get to sign autographs?

Sherry said...

Really? There are really two dogs there? :-) So cute!