Friday, July 16, 2010

Quick Friday Update

It’s been one completely spastic week so I’ll make this brief.

I broke my dog. Max came home from agility class Tuesday and by Wednesday morning he seemed unusually tired. By Wednesday evening I realized there was more to it and he wasn’t moving around much. He’d trot OK but clearly was stiff and having trouble doing certain things. I evaluated him myself and narrowed it down to a neck injury, confirmed by the vet this morning as the exact spot I’d determined. So he gets anti-inflammatories and rest, but it’s very hard to watch my barky pushy hyper dog lie around not feeling well. He hasn’t barked for 3 days.

Stan turned up with an ear infection almost immediately after our return from Ventura. He was re-checked today and the ears are clearing out nicely.

Cujo just thinks it’s too damn hot to live right now (I think it’s lovely!). He’s going to have a fine old time backpacking in the Idaho heat in a few weeks.

I’m waddling like a duck due to sore glutes. Best determination is running hard hill repeats on Thursday kicked my ass. Literally.

And poor Jeff gets to manage the whole crew on his own this weekend, pills and ear drops and all.

I’m off to Sonoma County in the morning to sherpa for Kate at Vineman and cheer for many other friends who are racing. I’ll be doing my long run before I leave and squeezing in a long ride during the race. It’ll be the first year I’m at Vineman and not racing it but I think I’ll enjoy that more.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!


San said...

Ouuhhh, so sorry to read that. Give Max a big snuggle from me. I hope he gets well soon. Same goes for Stanley.

Hope raceday was fine.


Maria said...

My mom used to get out of sorts when her kids were sick...looks like you've got the same motherhood trait! Hope the puppies feel better soon and you enjoyed your weekend!

Rainmaker said...

I hear ya on being crazy busy.

Hope you had an enoyable weekend at Vineman spectating!

Sherry said...

Your poor fur babies! I hope they are both feeling a bit better now and for what it's worth, I'm with Cujo on the heat. ;-)