Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday of Randomness

The swim test yesterday went alright but the most *ahem* exciting moment came during the warmup.  As I swam along in the lane by myself, staying on one side only, someone joined me in the lane without asking and then decided to circle-swim, also without asking.  We collided head-on and the conversation went something like this:
Me: “Huh?”
Him: “Oh, I thought we were circle swimming.”
Me: “Did we discuss circle swimming?”
Him: “Uh, no.”
Me: “Well, we’re not!”
At least the anger fueled my swimming after that.  Douchebag.

I got some very sad news Tuesday about a longtime online friend, a triathlete and amazing animal lover, who passed very unexpectedly in her sleep.  She was the kind of person who inspired others to greatness with her enthusiasm and spirit.  This is a lovely tribute to her life.

I had some deep musings about triathlon to post.  But I forgot them.  I think I had a long convoluted way to get to a point about how much more I like the challenge of triathlon over straight running because of the many decision points along the way and the potential for disaster.  It feels like you are skating more of a fine line for 20, 70.3, 140.6 miles than a run race has ever felt.  And I dig it.

My schedule for the day went to hell but in the best possible way.  That whole block of work I was supposed to do in between lunchtime yoga and my sports massage ended up being lunch with 3 fun women!  Oh well, some days you’ve just got to go with the flow and take advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves.  Work will still be there later.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend!!!


beardies3 said...

You so deserved that fun lunch with pals. Good for you to seize the moment.
Hug the beardies for me. I'm counting down to see mine.

Beth said...

Sorry to hear about your friend Molly. She seemed like a wonderful person - and so young. :(

I've had the same circle swim experience. Why do people just assume you would know that (1) they are in your lane without warning and (2) you automatically want to circle swim with them? UGH!!!

ADC said...

I am sorry to hear about your friend.

You see swimming is the topic that I will not even start to discuss.

Wes said...


Sorry about your friend. 10 years younger than me. hmmmm...

way to seize your opportunity. spices life up a bit eh?

work sux :-)

Sherry said...

Molly, I am so very sorry for your loss. Amber sounds like she was a wonderful person. Animals lovers have good souls. My deepest sympathies to her family and to you, as her dear friend.

I hope you have a great holiday weekend too!

Tea said...

So ironic. I've often wondered if I'm a triathlon snob. I so much enjoy tri's over running races because tri's are so much more complicated. In one race, there can be more emotional ups and downs than a year of running.

I'm really sorry about your friend. Even though many of us have never met, we still care deeply about each other.