Thursday, October 7, 2010

Catching Up – BCCA National

Basically if I don’t blog now, I’ll fall hopelessly behind on this entire week.

The boys are quite happy to be rooming with their buddies Loki and Beckham – 4 beardie boys in the room equals vigorous playtime!


Tuesday was the National agility trial.  Elayne was kind enough to come and take some great photos – you can see them here!  The boys had pretty good results – Max went 4th place in both Excellent Standard and Jumpers for a double-Q and Stanley went 3rd place in Open Jumpers!

One highlight of the agility trial was seeing Stanley’s son Keegan!  What a chip off the old block.


Another highlight was the fun team relay that is done at the end.  Our team was The Princes and the P (3 boys and Piedra).


The relay is all about entertainment and funny things happening.  We did not disappoint.

Wednesday was rally obedience, obedience, futurity, and sweepstakes.  Stanley and I picked up his last Rally Advanced leg with a 1st place to finish his title!

Later in the evening, I got to show Max for the first time in many years in Veteran Sweepstakes.  It is SO much fun to get out there and show the old dogs again, and I was emotional over it the whole time.  Max couldn’t quite figure out what the heck we were doing but he was having a blast.



In summary, so far, the week has been fun, exhausting, too little sleep, too much time on feet, and wonderful.  I’ve been squeezing in my workouts too – boy can I see how strong an athlete you can be from training at altitude!  Off to another day at the dog show…


heather said...

Love the video! He was helping.

Wes said...

LOL... one of the puppies just didn't get enough fun :-)

Andrew Opala said...

I love the video ... it's like they were all helping each other and cheering each other along and then the second last one wanted to pace his buddy!

There could be a waist high wall at the baton hand over that you could coral the dog in after his relay - like an off-ramp on a highway.

Still lots of fun!

beardies3 said...

Molly, you and the boys have done so well this week! An agility QQ for Max and a 3rd for Stan! And a new title for Stan in Rally!! The relay was hysterical; they did not fail to entertain!
Max clearly loved being in the ring with you and the photos made me tear up. Our senior beardies love the applause and the chance to strut their stuff again. Hugs to Max and may he show at many more specialties.

jennabul said...

You're gonna be lots stronger when you get back from all the training at altitude. Glad to hear the boys are doing well =).

The Original MAJ said...

I love those beardie ones. They're just too cool.

Sherry said...

That video was super cute!