Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Flurry of Photos

I can take better photos than Petsmart.



It was a pretty day for lunch at Turf Paradise.


It’s a whole different world at the race track, some good and some bad, but intriguing for someone who didn’t grow up in that world.


My pretty grey long-short horse came in…dead last.


But look, she led briefly! <bg>


And this evening, we made the quick trip down the street to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens, for their annual holiday event that we’ve never experienced – Las Noches de las Luminarias!


The paths of the gardens are all lit up with thousands of hand-lit candles!



This is called Creeping Devil cactus – very appropriate!


There were carolers, musicians and storytellers stationed along the way on the trails too!



Fun night!


Michelle Simmons said...

Your dogs are amazing sitting still like that! Great shots!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Yes, love the pics of the dogs and just love the Arizona pics....I look outside of my office here and think...
"Jenny, you are nuts!" It is a full blown White Christmas here - which is awesome this week= on 12/26 not so much. LOL

ANYWAY, I love your ticker for IMAZ...I can obsess over that now on your blog.

OH and I just saw a new lulu jacket...may not be new for you CA peeps...but it is so cute and something not really 'me' but I like it...have you seen the:
Yogi Dance Jacket??

Cute!! xx

Anonymous said...

Your dogs are adorable Molly!! And I have never been to the Desert Botanical gardens here, but that looks really cool, a nice little date night activity over the holidays. You mentioned the track, I have never been on the spectating end, only behind the scenes. So yes I have a much different view of 'track life'. Glad you are enjoying AZ and you should come visit me at work... it is one of your favorite shops - Lululemon at the Biltmore. :)

Lisa T said...

Love the dog pics! So cute.