Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fun in the Sun – An Abbreviated Tale of the Weekend

My dogs know how to relax anywhere anyhow, as proven during Friday’s nap hours by Stanley.


I ran a little 5K on Saturday morning that doubled as my run test.  It was slow (soft sand and loose pebble surface) and it hurt.  I managed 2nd in the 30-39 AG.


We took the dogs to Petsmart to see Santa.  Petsmart has the world’s shittiest camera and the world’s worst photographer.

Santa1 Santa2

We went out with a friend for sushi dinner and drinks.  It was nice to indulge in a little nightlife after being good all week leading up to the race!


Today we walked the dogs around the “waterfront” area of Old Town Scottsdale (“” because it’s a canal).  We have to be careful with Cujo’s walks right now to not get him too excited, so they are shorter and slower than they used to be, with breaks sometimes built in.


Loving the Christmas lights on the palm trees here


After the dogs were settled, we headed out on my longest bike ride since I started back at training!  And what better way to enjoy it than to revisit some IM AZ memories on the Beeline Highway.  I wasn’t sore at all from the race (yep, this stuff again!) and felt so good on the ride – I’m feeling very positive about the year ahead! 


The only other entertaining thing that happened today was, I bought Max another dog bed.  He decided it was better to remove the cushion from the bed…


and take it outside…


and demand it be used for fetch.  I love when my dogs surprise me with their unique thought processes.


Another week is over!  This upcoming week is a rest week in training but I also have swim and bike tests on the schedule.  Ouch!


Beth said...

Molly I LOVE the pictures of your dogs on a bed - you can't tell where one dog starts and one finishes and it cracks me up every time!! Happy holidays to you all! :)

Meera said...

I love that you are willing to play fetch with random household objects :) And I love the pic of you & J.

heather said...

You have much better pictures than PetSmart. I love the last one of cushion fetch.

Wes said...

nice job on the race, speedy :-) Hope you, jeff, and the aminals have a happy holiday week :-)

Anonymous said...

HAHA nice on Max.