Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Promised Update

I still can’t believe I went 10 days without blogging.  Given how I was certain I’d slipped into a space-time continuum wherein time moves at 1/2 the normal pace, it’s amazing that I was so busy I never blogged.  I kept wanting to wait to have photos and I just never got any!

Jeff and Cujo left for Arizona 2 weeks ago, which is why time passed so slowly as I waited and waited to join them.

I’ve done more squats and lunges and atomic pushups than I know what to do with.  And my new favorite: high knee marches, where you come up on your toes each step.  Is it any wonder my calves are tight?

I saw my massage therapist for the first time since before Austin.  There may have been tears as (it felt like) she beat the shit out of my calves.  There were definitely bruises.  I love her.

The beardies and I went to Los Angeles for an agility trial last weekend.  It was 80+ degrees and sunny both days – LOVED IT.  The dogs proved that they run better in hot weather, as it takes their overexcitement down a notch and makes it manageable.  Stanley made some nice breakthroughs in his runs.  Max was amazing, qualified in 3 out of 4 runs, and double-Qed on Sunday.  I got to meet a Facebook friend who has Stan’s little sister and she was awesome.  I also visited Kiersten, an old summer camp friend who I haven’t seen since we were teenagers!  I love when you can easily you can fall right back into friendship with someone after nearly 2 decades apart.

Jeff has been quite busy managing some heart problems with Cujo.  It’s taken a couple weeks of visits to the cardiologist to stabilize him and get his medications just right.  He seems to be doing well and we are continuing to monitor him.

I closed out my last important work deliverable for the year – phew!  I spent all day Monday in a windowless room working with our department heads on 2011 goals.  I was quite relieved to finish up my last meeting for the week on Tuesday and…

I hit the road for Arizona on Tuesday night and arrived Wednesday morning (5:30 am), with a short stop for a couple hours of sleep outside Indio.  I’ll continue to work from here until our corporate holiday shutdown begins, at which point the real vacation begins.  In the meantime, I am content to be reunited with the other half of the family and just *be* in our happy place here in Scottsdale.

I have my first real race of the new season this weekend!!!  A little local holiday 5k.  It’s my token contribution to the runner in me that wants to be out racing all winter.  The triathlete in me knows I need to take it easy this time of year because my volume will get plenty big later on.

I think that more or less covers everything!!!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy Arizona.

Kathleen said...

I haven't blogged in weeks (at least it feels that way). Are the squats and lunges to help with your running or just over all strength? I keep thinking I need to start doing so lower body strength training.
Have a great holiday!