Thursday, December 16, 2010

Recovery e21

Delinquent Blogger Alert! There is plenty to update on and I will have to write a separate post to catch up on what’s been going on since I last blogged – gah! – 10 days ago. But this post is for some exciting news I got last night!

I’m thrilled to announce I was picked for the Recovery e21 triathlon team for 2011!

home_banner_2 I know I mentioned liking the product in my last post but I should go into a little more detail about what I’ve experienced. Several months ago, I started seeing Facebook comments from friends I trust about using Recovery e21 and experiencing less cramping during training/racing and less soreness after. Michelle’s blog posts alone were a strong case for effectiveness.

So I figured, sure, let’s get a sample pack and check it out. I started taking 2 capsules each day of Recovery e21 Electrolyte Balance beginning a few weeks before Austin. On race day I took 2 before the race and 2 more after. I could have taken them during as well but since I was new to the product I played it conservatively. Now…my spirit may have been a little battered by how race day played out, but my body? Nothing. No soreness. At all.

I thought…well, it’s just DOMS, it’ll show up in a couple days. I hauled my bicycle case through the Austin airport without a problem. I flew home. I went about the next couple of days of work and dog walking. And the soreness never came.

At this point I should tell you…the first time I ever ran in Arizona heat, it took 2 hands and a firm grip to lower my body to a seated position for the next 3 days. That’s how badly it hurt.

70.3 miles of racing triathlon on hills, in heat and humidity that my body is not accustomed to?

Nothing. Really? Really.

Since then, I have dutifully taken my 2 capsules per day and plan to increase that when heavy Ironman training progresses. I’ve been put through the wringer with strength training for my upcoming year and have felt none of my typical soreness. Recovery e21 isn’t going to solve my biomechanical issues that result in tight calves – I still have to foam roll and see my massage therapist, as well as look into a professional bike fit this year (hello, Santa?). And my muscles are still tired after a tough week, but they do seem to be bouncing back quicker and taking on more work with less complaint. And...I'm not walking around sore all the time!

In addition, after Jamaica, where I inadvertently aggravated something in my shoulder with a set of tricep dips, I added the Recovery e21 Joint Health product to my repertoire. The result? Buh-bye, achy joints – shoulders, knees, and all. Plus, with everything I do to my body and as much as we all depend on our joints, I really ought to be supporting them as best I can.

Even better in my view, these supplements are all natural products. As I continue my progression from junk-food eating 7 years ago to a focus on whole, identifiable foods, I want to know exactly is in what I’m taking in. I want to be able to identify things on the ingredient list! The Electrolyte Balance is made from a little microalgae organism in the ocean waters off Australia – it even smells/tastes a bit fishy, that’s how close it is to its original state. The Joint Health comes from green lipped mussels, with glucosamine and chondroitin added. If I give MY DOGS this kind of stuff to protect their joints as canine athletes, shouldn’t I be taking similar precaution? :-)

So? Long story short (too late), I’m pretty darn excited to have a chance to share these products with everyone else! I’ve never applied for a triathlon team before because I was never sure I could really find myself standing behind the product and believing it was the best. There is no doubt about that here! I will have a discount code sometime soon as well as samples to share with others, so stay tuned!


Beth said...

Congrats molly!! :)

Stef0115 said...

That's great news -- CONGRATS! It's great you were chosen and makes sense that this team is a great fit for you because you believe in the product -- and write so well about it!

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

It's going to be a fun year! I'm glad to hear you've had some great results with the products!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Molly, that's fantastic! Congrats. I first learned of this product from Michelle's blog and it's good to hear yet another advocate... will definitely have to try it.

My Life said...

So exciting! And so awesome you've had success with it! You're totally selling me on the joint health one. Looking forward to trying soon! :)