Monday, December 6, 2010

Setting the Table for Success

I’ve spent the last couple weeks getting back into the kind of healthy eating routine that I want to be in for training and racing this year.  I’ve had a few years to experiment with what works for me and what steps I have to take to ensure success, so it gets a little easier each time. 

Rule #1 for me is a steady supply of fruits and vegetables.  A variety of veggies keep me full and cuts down on the snacking.  Fruits can fill in for sweets cravings and my 3-desserts-a-day habit nicely.

IMG_0334 How many cups of vegetables can I cram into one lunch wrap? (everything is good with bacon)

Rule #2 is accessibility – I have to make the good stuff always available, even at the risk of occasionally having it go bad before I eat it all. 


Rule #3 is to allow certain craving/”bad” foods but to limit the available choices.  I don’t need 5 different kinds of ice cream or chips in the house, but I can make a healthier chip choice and have that around.  Or a small container of really rich gelato that will satisfy with a few spoonfuls instead of hoovering an entire quart of cheap ice cream. 

In addition to trying to eat more “whole foods,” I’ve been doing everything right with regards to recovery and staying healthy.  I figure it’s never too early to establish good habits in an Ironman year – the Recovery Socks still go on after every tough workout (I LOVE those things!) and I time the pre- and post-workout eating carefully.  In addition to my daily vitamin, I’ve been taking Recovery e21 daily for the last few months.  I think this is making a huge difference – I’ve been doing lots of strength training work (the kind that would result in difficulty sitting down for days in the past) and the soreness has been minimal this time around!  I’m pretty impressed with the effects of these little algae pills!!

It’s not all healthy, all the time, of course.  I had myself a big old piece of sheet cake at Eileen’s baby shower yesterday.  Look how cute and tiny she still is at 7 months pregnant!


As we head into the holiday season, it’s nice to know that most holiday food isn’t a big temptation for me.  My bigger challenge will be alcohol once I head to Arizona for Christmas.  What’s more festive than a Baileys & hot chocolate?


Michelle Simmons said...

NIce. Looks like you're doing all the right things!

ADC said...

Thank you for sharing. And Eileen is so cute, you are right.

D said...

No more 3 desserts/day? I don't even know who you are anymore. You're dead to me!

My Life said...

Love this & thanks for those links. Will definitely check out the e21. Your "accessibility" rule is one I need to adopt. I buy the bare minimum so things won't go to waste. Then when it's gone and I don't feel like a market trip... of course there's always chocolate somewhere in the house. Hmmm.

Wes said...

what? You're eating algae? not fair...

Melissa said...

Mmmmmm, bacon. That wrap looks good, I might have to try it. Keep up the good eating! It will be motivating to others (like me) to read about how it's going.

And Eileen is so freakin' cute!

Eileen Swanson said...

Molly, YOU are super cute!! Hope you ate the healthy salad too and not just the cake ;-)) I had 3 slices, yikes, haha!!

Anonymous said...

Great tips!!! Thanks for sharing them! Where will you be in Arizona?