Monday, July 30, 2012

Roughing It

Instead of fixating on triathlon for yet another weekend, we escaped to the High Sierras for a quick 2-day backpacking trip.  We made the short hike into Lake Margaret on Friday and returned home Sunday.  This spot holds special significance for us, as it's where Jeff and I got engaged on a previous pack trip!

Jeff and Puck hit the trail first, while I waited for my friend Shannon and her dogs to arrive.  Puck LOVED wearing his pack and hiking.  I think he was preening the entire time, he was so proud of himself.

Once Shannon arrived and we loaded up, the 4 beardies hit the trail in a cloud of dust

Water break along the way

4 agility dogs do not have a problem crossing a log

Thankfully we made our destination before dark - the view from our campsite at sunset

The real play started the next morning, as Puck tried to entice Beckham into a game of chase

Happy Max!

Mist swirling on the lake's 7am and we're swimming...lovely.

Where's Waldo?

A little muddy? Are you sure?

9am and they are all crashed out

Puck SO wants to get the sticks Jeff is throwing in the lake for him

Unfortunately the swimming thing still results in panicked vertical dog paddling!

What? I'm cool.

Mid-day on the lake

Our own personal off-shore island

When it warmed up enough I got in for a swim.  The water was around 70 so it wasn't TOO bad without a wetsuit.

I was still hamming it up at this point because I hadn't swum into deep water yet.  When I did...well, let's say it's not easy to swim at nearly 8000 feet.  I really don't know how the IM Tahoe folks are going to do it.  I went into a total panic because even breathing every 2 strokes, I was unable to breathe and kept inhaling water before I could turn to breathe.  Breaststroke and backstroke were my friends that day.

Stanley LOVES to swim.  He swam out to join me in the lake and we swam back in side by side.

Serious Stanley face.  Torn paw pads are not fun.

The Beardies5.5 - Beckham, Loki, Stanley, Max and Puck

Half-brothers Loki and Stanley put themselves to bed in identical poses

Moonrise over the campsite

Do we HAVE to go home?

Hiking out

It was a great weekend that - even with some swimming and running - allowed me to decompress from IM training and rest up for peak week.  Which is now here, so BRING IT!  1 week till taper!


Maggs said...

Poor Puck can't swim. Reminds me of Jack. He never learned how to as a puppy (i.e. lighter) so at 110 lbs he sinks. He REALLY wants to swim and thinks he can until he gets up to his shoulders and then thrashes around. Harley loved to carry his backpack too..full of his food when we camped.

Anonymous said...

How fun! That picture of serious Stanley is hilarious. Poor guy. You're such a good dogmom!

heather said...

Puck needs a flask under his neck and then he'd be a real handy Saint. I knew a Saint who had one of those that she only wore on special occasions. For some reason coming to the vet was special. She was so proud with it on.

Jennifer said...

that looked like so much FUN!! Gorgeous lake... I will have to go one of these days.

donna said...

That place looks perfect. What a great way to unwind before your last big IM push. And an added hopefully wore all the dogs out. They all looked like they were in doggie heaven the whole weekend.

Anonymous said...

We spent time up high this weekend too! And IM will be fine - it just takes some getting used to. ;) the dogs look like they had a BLAST!! Glad you were able to decompress a bit too.

D said...

Love all the pics! Looks like a great place to hike and wow, love the view from your campsite!!

kT said...

That looks awesome! I don't even like camping, but this makes me want to go.

GoBigGreen said...

What a lovely camping weekend! And the dogs crack me up:) AS for the swimming at elevation, i have a hard enough time in Denver. I am glad my coach said NO to Tahoe!

Flea said...

Oh my word. What GORGEOUS dogs. Seriously.

San said...

Haha, Stanley looks so flat in that swimming picture, it's hilarious. Glad you've had such a wonderful time. Good luck for Peak week.

Meera said...

I haven't been on Goggle reader for a few days, and this post was such a treat. I *love* the idea of Stanley swimming with you. It warms my heart. What a beautiful wind-down trip!