Sunday, July 8, 2012

Run Run Run, That Girl's Gonna Run

It was not always pretty but I wrapped up the week with my nearly-4-hour bike-long run brick today.  My rear end was not all that enthusiastic about getting on the bike again this morning but my legs did alright holding steady Z2 power for most of it.  And then it was time for a 2.5 hr run!  Overall I'm pleased with the very steady pacing I managed, averaging my goal race pace throughout, even if I felt like a dying animal in the heat towards the end.  I stopped a couple times to use the restroom, refill my water bottle, say hi to people I knew, stand under a tree and try to recollect myself...OK, that might be more than a couple times altogether then, huh?  In any event, my wonderful husband rode out to find me and biked alongside me for my last half-hour.  I was kind of over it at that point and not in a talkative mood but it was nice to have someone to get me through the end.  I walked straight in the front door and got in the bathtub to run cold water on my legs and got Jeff to add ice.

For the most part I remembered to stop my Garmin every time I had to pant in the shade/drink/chat but thanks to a new TrainingPeaks feature the ambassadors have been testing out in beta (coming to your premium account soon!) I could have edited and corrected my data to remove all those stops from my run workout.

Near my turnaround point, I stopped to use the restroom, so there is a gap in the data where no readings apply (selected below).

From there, I select Cut from the top left.

And voila, all cleaned up!

What a fun feature to have when our technology sometimes fails us, or plain old human error causes a problem!

And with that, one big week of Ironman training is done...I may be living in my compression tights until my legs feel less trashed!  They'd better recover fast though, I have a huge bike-focused week ahead.  Have a wonderful week!

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Anonymous said...

I love when you show us the Training Peaks tools! I don't utilize that program nearly to the extent that I should. Good stuff.