Sunday, August 12, 2012

Are we there yet?

One week of taper is done, two weeks to go.  My body needs all the rest it can get before race day but my brain would sure like to get this show on the road already!

We met up this morning for a nice "short" 4 hour ride.  Compared to what we've been doing, it's short alright but mentally?  Just wasn't feeling it.  My legs never had any pop in them all morning.  Thank goodness for great friends and lovely scenery to pass the time!

The cold fog burning off as we headed up Niles Canyon this morning

Jeff was actually in town this week so he could ride with us.  Happy wife.

Much of the ride looked like this...little twisty roads with hills and trees.  Typical Northern California!

Calaveras Reservoir.  I've never managed to do this popular ride so it was a treat to get out here today. Most people go up The Wall (a short steep hill to get out there) and then coast downhill for the many miles.  Much to Jeff's dismay, we went up all those miles and down The Wall.

How much longer?

Whaddya say we ditch this ride and go eat some donuts instead?

A little rear view, a la Katie

Two. Weeks. Left.  Next time I see Kristi, I'll be picking her up at the airport in Canada!


Johanne Roberts said...

Looking forward to following you on race day. When do you get your bib number?

Beth said...

Getting so close now! Very excited for you to soon light Canada on fire! :)

Meredith said...

So excited for you! It's going to be awesome!

Maggs said...

Nice rear view ;-) Can't wait for you to crush it!

Maggie said...

Great photos - looks like a fun ride! Good luck next weekend!!