Thursday, May 16, 2013

Catching Up

I guess this will be a photo blog as I've been busy and I keep thinking there isn't enough to write about.

The boys and I have squeezed in an agility trial here and there.  Stanley won the Excellent Standard class at a trial in Petaluma a couple weeks ago, but of course there was no videographer that day.

My nice efficient jumper

In full stride, no feet touching the dog walk

Cutting it tight enough to wrap his own hair around the jump standard

Long dog is spread across 3 pole at once

SUCH a goofball.

Playoff hockey is ongoing.

Training is humming right along.

And Stanley thinks all of that is quite boring.

Finally, we went to the San Francisco Zoo last weekend, as I wanted to see it one last time before I moved.  There were many new and updated exhibits, and the state of the art parts of my childhood were sadly run-down.

But really, I just went to pet and feed the goats.

And an occasional pushy sheep.

Really, who doesn't love a goat making funny faces?!

Nothing else exciting to report.  Work, training, packing, blah blah blah.  Just a little over a month left at my job!

1 comment:

The Original MAJ said...

Several observations.

First, the only dogs I've ever seen that give comparable stinkeyes to beardies are sheepadoodles.

Second, I freeeeeaking love Stan and want to squeeze him.

Next, how the frick do you manage to look so damn cute all the time?!?!