Saturday, April 27, 2013

In other news...

At the trial last weekend, we also had a birthday party for Stanley's older half-brother Loki who turns 13 this year.  I brought the dog cake as Loki LOVES food.

It was a family celebration!

One of the local bike shops was having a big sale, so I took advantage and got about the furthest thing from my racing bike - a bike for errands and my super short commute in Boulder.  It's got a kickstand and a bell and will have a basket.  All I need are streamers and it'll look as goofy as it feels.

Another Friday brings yet another bath for my boys (I'm trying to do super coat-maintenance on them for our club's regional show in June - our last hurrah here).  Clearly they were thrilled.

Max had his own ideas about where I could shove that camera

I thought it was totally appropriate that the filter I used on this one was called So Emo.

Spring is fully sprung here.  The temperature has been varied but we've definitely had sun!

 Have a great weekend!


Runner Leana said...

Love the picture of Loki licking his chops over that birthday cake! You get some priceless photos of your pups. Peat is terribly camera shy these days it seems so I'm envious!

Steve said...

I love the quote.

I do apologize though, because my errand/commute bike has fenders, which basically makes me totally awesome. :)

HA HA. Have a good weekend. :)

Meredith said...

I love their facial expressions, they have mastered the "we are so tortured" look.

D said...

Great family portrait!

Trishie said...

1. I can't get over how all those dogs are sitting still and looking in the same direction.

2. Congrats on the tri!

3. Those puppies. OMG. Those PUPPIES.