Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Keep On Keepin' On

I keep meaning to blog and then…life intervenes.  I have to write about my crazy long weekend of dog activities but will wait till the photos all come in.  I hope the bruises are gone in a few weeks...

Training is chugging right along.  There isn't anything especially exciting to report.  I was pondering today whether I'm race ready just yet and…who knows.  What I do know is that I keep getting the work done and nailing my key workouts of the week - the tough bike intervals, the speed work on the track (OMG I love the track) - and I trust Coach will have me ready as always when the time comes.

About the track…with all the long course racing I've focused on the past few years, I haven't done a lot of serious "speed work" since my running-only days.  Lately I've had a weekly visit to the high school track across the street and I Love loooooove LOVE it!  Clearly I have no problem pushing myself on the run…and the paces so far are encouraging.  I guess we shall see!

Packing is coming along bit by bit.  We purged a lot of our random household shit with a garage sale last weekend.  I've only got a couple weeks left at work and then I can devote July full time to getting everything packed and prepared.  So many errands and tasks, so little time.

I'll try not to wait so long before posting again…we should have enough excitement coming up to be post-worthy :)


Kristina said...

Sounds like you're managing the upcoming changes quite well! Look forward to seeing the photos of dog activities.

Elayne said...

Maybe you can send some track love my way. I love running the trails but intervals, even on the trails, ugh, the best thing I can say about them is that I feel so good when they're over.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Isn't short course training so fun? I LOVE IT TOO (but yet, I will not be doing it this year, ha ha)...ANYWAY, I agree, the track is my favorite workout (by far!)....:)

Lots of fun and new things for you this summer, enjoy!

Damie said...

I have got to mark your blog. Doing it now! I haven't kept up. LOVE seeing pics of Stanley. How beautiful is he? and, you are moving??? hope all is well- things look great on your end!