Sunday, June 30, 2013


A few weeks ago, I spent 3 days at Woofstock - one of the biggest dog show clusters around here - to participate in our beardie club's regional specialty and show a couple extra days.  It's our last time for the immediate future attending the regional and was if nothing else a big opportunity just to hang with many show friends that we may not see for a year or two.

Thursday, Shannon and I started the weekend off right with beer before we went in the ring with our boys

Stan was quite excited to be at a show!  I also showed Puck on Thursday but his competition didn't show up.

Friday was the day of our regional.  First up I had Stanley in the obedience ring for the first time ever.  After a crazy long delay and missing Puck's ring time, we were finally in.  I was SUPER pleased with his performance for me on a hot day at an all breed show.  We made one mistake that cost us a Q but otherwise it was quite good.

Next up, I had Max back in the show ring in the veteran sweepstakes and altered dog class.  It's always fun to get the old man back out there again.

Finally, I got in the ring for Best of Breed with Stanley.  It was 90+ degrees out and we worked hard out there - Stan just kept floating around the ring and showing himself off…and we were thrilled to receive an Award of Merit!  Shannon and best buddy Beckham won the breed - a great followup to their win at the National.

Saturday was the day at Woofstock where everyone - handlers and judges - dresses up in tie-dye and hippie clothes.  I've always missed this particular day at the show so I was excited to participate.

How can you not have fun when everyone is dressed like this?!

I'm going to miss her SO MUCH when we move!

Stanley waiting to show

After another time 'round the ring

On Sunday I took the beardies and we ran that whole show out of our systems at an agility trial - I only entered the boys in Jumpers and they both kicked ass!  Max got a 4th place in his masters class.

The spoils from our weekend.  I LOVE my new grooming table cover!

And finally our official shot from the regional arrived a few days ago.  The best win photo I have of Stanley as an adult!  What a fabulous way to go out on top from our time here in the NorCal beardie world :)


krystyna47 said...

I love this (insane) hobby of yours. It gives me a peak into a world I know nothing about!!
Have a safe move to CO!

GoBigGreen said...

That looks like alot of fun:)

Larissa said...

Wonderful job! I love your boys so much :)