Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

The Boulder lovefest continues...
  • I bought gas on Saturday for the first time in 15 days.  And it was 75 cents per gallon cheaper than back in California.
  • My 1 mile commute to and from work looks like this.  It's even nice when raining along the way.

  • I've ridden my bike to work nearly every day the past 2 weeks.  It's a 5 minute ride, maybe 8 minutes with red lights.  The way home can be as short as 3 minutes, all downhill :)
  • Max and Stanley are settling in well and getting used to the routine.  They do love their new park.

  • Easy afternoon rides on the bike path lead to insanely beautiful views.

  • On my early clinic days, my commute looks like this.  And it still takes under 10 minutes.

  • The boys haven't found anyone really fun to play with here yet but the dog parks are sure huge.

  • Sunsets are AMAZING.

  • Even getting caught in a rainstorm on the bike is beautiful.

  • No, really, have I mentioned the sunsets yet?

  • I was the 4th person in line at the DMV last week, 45 minutes before opening.  I got my new license in less than an hour as a result.  OK so maybe one thing Colorado could use is more drivers license offices...

  • My lab totally rocks.  I'm learning how to do so many cool things and it looks like I'm going to take on a pretty awesome project sometime soon.

  • When it's 90+ degrees out and you live next door to Boulder Creek, you take advantage.

  • Campus is a quiet place to walk at 6am on a Saturday morning.  You will see wild animals roaming around too…thank goodness my dogs aren't interested in deer and raccoons.  Boys, meet Ralphie.  Ralphie, meet the boys.

  • I spent my entire long ride this weekend with a permagrin, in awe of the mountain views.

  • I found the secret hidden pool in my lab building…it's one whole flight of stairs away and totally free.  Score!

  • I made it two whole weeks here before I got out for a trail run.  That's it, I'm never leaving.

  • I went to the farmers market this weekend with one of my fellow grad students.  OMG, everything I brought home has been to die for.  I'll be a weekly attendee until it shuts down for winter.  Beats the pants off the crappy vegetables I've gotten at King Soopers - there is something wrong when you buy stuff at 7pm and it's rotting or moldy the very next day.

  • I've got 3 different evenings lined up to do stuff with friends this week (a bike ride, a swim event, and just hanging out with dogs) - that's about 3x more stuff than I ever had with friends on any given week back home.  
And that's just the happy thoughts off the top of my head.  Yes, maybe it's lack of oxygen up here but I'm definitely giddy...


Tea said...

Awww. This made me happy. I've always said that I am a Colorado snob. I am glad you can appreciate everything here. :)

Melissa said...

I feel like I'm learning about Boulder all over again, a refreshing reminder of why people love living here. Beautiful pics!

Melissa said...

Beautiful pictures! I feel like I'm new to Boulder again, it's so refreshing to read about someone falling in love with this place. Oh, and for others reading, the commute path to lab/school is all on the Boulder IM run course. :-)

Unknown said...

We are living strangely parallel lives right now Molly ;) Love the pictures and the updates!!

heather said...

I like the secret pool. It is like they made the place just for you.

Meredith said...

So happy for you! I can't wait to visit!

The Original MAJ said...

fingers totallytotallytotallytotally crossed that I get to be in CO within the next 1.5 years :-)

Trishie said...

Wow, Boulder is absolutely stunning! Enjoy it :)