Wednesday, August 7, 2013


It's safe to say…it's everything I've hoped for and more.

Hiking near the Flatirons was a must-do upon arrival

I've been a bit busy settling in with the new house and starting the new job in the lab right away.  It's been exciting and exhausting and a bit overwhelming but overall I'm happy and enthusiastic.

The boys like their new park

We got out for a little hike on the weekend

And our first concert at Red Rocks

The reward for being an early riser is the sight of these Colorado sunrises

I mean, really!


heather said...


Beth said...

Amazing place and awesome pictures!! Will be hard to work with all that beauty around you!! :)

Larissa said...

Amazing and i'm jealous!

Kristina said...

My better half, a native Boulderite, wants to know where the hike was. Not Brainard Lake? So spectacular - thanks for sharing those wonderful photos.

Betsy said...

Looking at your pictures, I can't believe how green it is this year.'s not usually like that by august. But it just makes it all that more beautiful!