Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thug Life

No, I haven't gone ghetto, I'm just still giggling over a question on my recent statistics exam that involved squirrels on campus choosing the thug life.  Seriously.  (And if you've seen the size of our campus squirrels, you would be worried too)

I've got 5 minutes to try to play catchup on the blog again so let's see what I can accomplish!

My mom came to visit in mid-October - her first time in Colorado.  We did the best whirlwind trip of the entire area that we could and she took a gazillion photos.  I'll add a separate post with some of her best, as she's an amazing photographer.

I've made my first couple presentations to the lab and managed to not flub it too badly.  I've got enough public speaking experience to know how to create appropriate slides and talk confidently…you don't realize how much of a skill that is till you work with younger folks again.  I've already ridden the scientific roller coaster of my special project area being written off as too expensive and then finding a way to possibly make it work after all.  Funding…the quintessential research problem!

I've run two 5ks since I moved to Boulder…as if training at altitude isn't enough, racing is its own bundle of pain!  The first was the weekend after the flood…I was entered already so I figured what the heck.  Even though I was trashed from dealing with all the cleanup, I managed 2nd place woman and 1st in AG (and I could have called it a PR but the course was definitely short).  The second was last weekend and I suffered plenty as it was "hot" out (70 in Denver at 9am??!!) but I got the AG win again.  I'm not that fast, I'm just lucky most of my AG is out having babies or something.

I flew home this weekend to surprise Jeff and my family.  I bought the tickets months ago, before the flood, but it turned out this is the weekend Jeff is loading up the moving cubes and then moving to our house in AZ next week.  So I get to help a bit with that!  AND I get to run at sea level for the first time in 3.5 months.  Tomorrow I run my last 20-miler before heading back to Colorado and then we edge on in to taper for this marathon!


Steve said...

I didn't even know you were running a marathon. Kinda surprised me, but then I was thinking. Geez, her life has been so easy and stress free this year, why not do a marathon. ;)

best of luck. I ran less than 9 miles today, and I was tired. :)

Kristina said...

Congrats on the 5Ks! I admire anyone who runs that distance on a regular basis - they are just so painful. I would imagine that is especially true at altitude!
Enjoy the visit to CA!

The Original MAJ said...

Lmao everyone else in my age group is off having babies or something. Have totally thought that.