Monday, October 28, 2013

Boulder Life Goes On

Flood or not, Boulder sunrises are still awe-inspiring

My friend Melinda and I went to an apple farm.  The goal was cider donuts but we got to enjoy lovely views and visit with lots of farm animals too.

Much to my excitement, we got our first snow of the year, hours after Jeff came to visit.  It lasted about 5 minutes but still it was awesome.

The rest of Jeff's visit weekend was decidedly NOT snowy.

 I got chased by a cow on my long run that week.  But it was a Scottish Highland cow so it's all OK.

We got our second snow of the year.  It barely lasted till I could take the dogs to the park and play with it that afternoon.

It was OBVIOUSLY all gone by my long run 2 days later.

The boys and I found Walden Ponds, right across from the agility practice field, this week.  Can't beat these views.

And of course, in the midst of all of this, science happens.  All day, every day.


Meredith said...

<3! Your photos always make me happy! I really want one of those doughnuts!

Tea said...

Bonus points for the horse and donut picture.

Tea said...

Bonus points for the horse and donut picture.

Larissa said...

Such an amazing place! I am jealous..maybe i need a job in boulder LOL. Dieks would love the snow!

Trishie said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! Any races coming up?

minstrel said...

Wow...that place looks good for your soul! :)