Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Me and the Marathon

I started running on Thanksgiving Day 2005.  I ran my first half-marathon 5 months later and my first marathon 14 months later.  Looking back, perhaps this was not a recipe for success, in terms of letting my body adapt to running a bit more slowly but most of us aren't all that smart when we start out in these things.

Rock N Roll Arizona 2007 - 4:46:14
Raging IT band issues leading into the race, both 20 mile runs in my build done in excruciating pain (and one of them cut short as a result). Didn't run most of my taper and did the race with a lot of ibuprofen but no pain at all.  Never had an IT band problem again.  *too much too soon*

Big Sur International Marathon 2007 - 4:53:40
3 months after the first marathon, on my 30th birthday as a celebration!  Super hilly course, only goal was to finish happy and I did.  Most beautiful marathon course ever.

Rock N Roll Arizona 2008 - 4:58:54
Back a year later, super trained and ready for a big PR.  Then I got sick 8 miles into the race and walked a good portion of the rest of it.  That's what you get for spending time in the ER with a family member during flu season during your taper.

Ironman Arizona 2009 - 5:03:00
First Ironman ever, plenty of walking in the back half.  GI issues galore.

Ironman Arizona 2011 - 4:50:57
Second Ironman, more careful pacing, still some walking in the later miles.

Ironman Canada 2012 - 4:27:57
Far hillier IM course than the first two, only walked aid stations in the back half of the course.  Paced it slow but steady and PRed a marathon for the first time in 5+ years.

Tucson Marathon 2013 - ?????

With all of that in mind, I'll take your bets on what my time will be!  Winner wins…the joy of being right.


Beth said...

Sub 4 baby!!!! No matter the time - have a fantastic race and enjoy the day! Cheering for you!

Meredith said...

I predict a big PR! I agree on the sub 4!

Trishie said...

Sub 4 easy! I predict.... 3:50:34

krystyna47 said...

3:45, based on intuition and the good vibes I'm getting from how you think your training is going!!

Damie said...

I predict under 4! Go Molls!!!!

Unknown said...

If you did 4:27 in an IM, then sub-four is a lock. I'll take the 3:48 slot.good luck! Run your pace, stay within yourself, and keep hydrating!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Molly: you are so ready. SUB 4! Good luck!

Tea said...

Lower elevation, excellent training...definitely sub 4. I won't guess more than that because I have insider info.

kT said...

I don't know Trishie, but from years of watching the Price is Right in my youth, I think I should be smart and guess 3:50:35.

heather said...

One dollar! That's always the Price is Right answer.

I officially guess 3:52.

Unknown said...


Kristina said...

Good luck and have a great time!