Saturday, November 22, 2008

Arizona, baby!!!

It's been a whirlwind trip so far. I got in Friday morning, rented a car, grocery shopped and checked into Casa McFun. First order of business, I drove the bike course just to see what it really looked like. For the most part, a whole lot of this with an occasional climb mixed in.
From 2008_IMAZBIke

At least there are some views! You really have to like the desert for this course though. And scrub brush. Lots of it.
From 2008_IMAZBIke

Then Cat and J got here! I think Cat and I talked for 5 hours straight. It's too bad we don't get along, eh? Finally we pulled it together and went to dinner with our coach. You've got to love a crowd where I look like a normal-sized human. And yet, still the shortest.
From Ironman Arizona 2008

At sunrise today, Cat and I did our 1:45 trail run around Papago Park and near the Botanical Gardens and Phoenix Zoo. I didn't take this photo but it'll help you imagine what it was like!

We dashed over to the IM AZ volunteer meeting so I could pick up my wristband and check in for my assignments, then headed back to the house to clean up. Then we were off to the race expo to check things out. Many people in compression socks running around town! Finally we braved mall traffic at Tempe Marketplace for lunch with Cat and J's friend Chris (and his wife) who is racing tomorrow. I am so looking forward to seeing him do well on that course tomorrow - you can tell he is ready. I will refer you to Cat's blog to see photos of the woman we spotted in Paradise Bakery, walking around IN her aero helmet.

Now it's just time to put my feet up and rest before the big day. I looked at the bike racks today - the scope of this event really is incredible. I can't wait to see the race go off tomorrow!


Danni said...

I am jealous you get to meet all these cool people!
Have fun tomorrow volunteering and make sure to make mental notes about EVERYTHING

Joy | Love | Chaos said...

(a) jealous

(b) still thinking of IMAZ dreams, too

(c) did you pinch sherpa thomas's butt?*

* cause I totally would have.