Friday, November 7, 2008

Next, agility videos!

Thanks to Silvina of Agility in Motion for being there to tape our National!

Here is Max on the Excellent FAST course. I really just use FAST as a warmup run for the others.

Next is Max in Excellent Jumpers. The old man had me a little worried with running slow...

but he picked it up and got a 3rd place in Excellent Standard!

Now, remember that Stanley isn't ready to trial yet and probably won't truly be for another year. He doesn't really know what weave poles are yet. That said, I was thrilled he stayed on course with me and had fun out there!

And now for some good laughs, the trigility relay runs! This is a for-fun-only kind of event. Both boys had a good time, Max (Chucky Cheeseballs team) got the gamble section, and Stan (Stan the Man & his Lady Cruisers)...well, Stan enjoyed the course as only a baby dog can.

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