Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Back On the Horse

Monday marked my return to training. It's still a pretty light schedule at this point. The pain in my body begs to differ. The next couple weeks have a focus on technique, especially in the swim and bike, and strength training. Tuesday's strength training is clearly going to be Wednesday and Thursday's soreness, but it's all going to be good for me in the long run. I ran for the first time since Vegas - 35 minutes - and it felt pretty good, though I was perhaps a bit tired at the end. I also have done something like 3600 yards of swim drills. Two words: Oh. Joy.

Everyone else around here is a lazy bum.

OK, perhaps not Jeff. In fact, today - Christmas Eve - he was STILL doing work emails. I think he needs an explanation of this holiday concept.

I promised Yvonne a photo of our itty bitty tree. The new ornament this year is a shark - isn't that perfect for us? - that I found at Whole Foods the other day.

Stanley wants Santa to know he's been a very good boy. He'd like a frisbee of his very own - so he doesn't have to share with Max - and a lot of beef tendon chews. Hmm, wonder what he's getting tomorrow?

I wanted to start my morning with mimosas while opening presents (my boss sent a very nice bottle of champagne and yes, I'm THAT uncivilized) but I have a 40-minute run on the schedule that needs to be done first. THEN I become Mimosa Woman for the day. It is supposed to rain tonight and into tomorrow, so we are unlikely to do our traditional Christmas day hike in the desert with the dogs. But I will try to take photos wherever we do go - I'm thinking of running them on a large field at the ASU campus - and post an update tomorrow. Until then...

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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SWTrigal said...

I started my training on Monday too-Merry Christmas!