Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Back in the saddle again…

Good: I’m back to training this week.

Bad: It hurts.

Good: I didn’t drown or throw up at the pool Monday.

Bad: After the first 200 yards, I fervently hoped for either of the above to save me from more swimming.

Good: My first run – out in the dark and the cold – felt lovely.

Bad: The bike fell off the trainer, while I was on it.

Good: I got my first round of winter strength training in.

Bad: I cringe every time I move and hobble around like a little old lady.

Good: I’m leaving for Hawaii soon.

Bad: Taking my car into the shop for that minor stuck door problem has turned into $1500+ of repairs.

Good: Hot yoga with my mom tonight.

Bad: My yoga mat is in the car.  At the dealership. Oops.

Good: Waking up early for workouts has been easy this week.

Bad: Because I haven’t been sleeping.

Good: Tomorrow is another day.  I will tackle the pool again and it will be better.

Bad: My swim bag? In the car.  At the dealership. Where the service department has already closed for the night.

Good: I will overcome all this crap and take the relaxed approach.  Things will work themselves out.  My mom has an extra yoga mat for me.  Instead of packing my swim gear for Hawaii, I’ll just hit a Walmart near the airport and buy a pull buoy and paddles for the week = less to carry on the plane!

I will be zen about life’s ups and downs no matter how many beers it takes!


jennabul said...

Or - borrow friend's pull buoy and paddles, since she won't be using them yet. Friend offers to bring them by your house tomorrow...

Maria said...

I would love to hear more about your bike falling off your trainer while you were on it! Hope no injuries occurred during this debacle!

Sherry said...

Ack! Bike fell of the trainer!!! Crap! I read a blog once where someone 'broke' something from that happening. So glad that wasn't your outcome!

Way to get back on the horse, Molly! Rest is sooo great, but that first week back... OUCH, ICK, YUCK.

Confession: I haven't swam since MiamiMan in early November. I did the same thing last year. Bad, bad me! LOL!

Hawaii sounds EXCITING!!!!!!

Wes said...

That's the spirit! A few beers makes everything a little better!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Isn't it amazing HOW easy it is to wake up in the early morning now that we are not carrying all that fatigue? I LOVE IT...I wake up at 5am and do a workout and feel super! HA....
SORRY about your car.ENJOY HAWAII!

San said...

LOL on the trainer incident. How did that happen? Hope you're alright.

And leaving stuff where it's out of reach, well, that is so me. I'm sorry about the car thing. It's these cases when I'm glad that I don't own a car. Bike repairs are so much cheaper.

Enjoy Hawaii.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Enjoy Hawaii!!! Isn't it funny how everything seems to go wrong when you get back into the swing of training again? I had the same (oops) problem with the bike falling of the trainer and I am still not used to running more than 2 x a week without being completely sore and beat up.