Monday, December 28, 2009

O Canada

Instead of talking about places I don’t like, let’s talk about one of the most wonderful countries around!


Reasons to Love Canada:


Stanley and Max have lots of family in Canada.  (Actually, come to think of it, I do too)  The beardie boys LOVE their sisters.

2008_Canada Road Trip 068


The greatest team sport ever is no better glorified and exalted than it is in Canada.


*Note: I did have to fan myself repeatedly after finding photos online of Doug Murray ripping his shirt off.  Phew!

There is one small HOWEVER on this item…thank heavens we don’t have to regularly see Don Cherry here in the US.

Don Cherry5Don_Cherrypage3

OMG, help me! I think I’ve gone blind!

Vancouver Island!

Everywhere we went up-island was just stunningly beautiful.  I could live here all 6 weeks of summer :-)

M S Mt Washington

2008_Canada Road Trip 104


Thank you, Canada, for recognizing a basic right that many Americans have yet to mature enough to deal with fairly.


World’s most addictive clothing store, Lululemon is another product of Canada.

If Lululemon is a secret Canadian plot to take all of our $$…well, it’s working. 

Tim Hortons!

Perhaps another plot to take over the world by fattening us all up.


But Timbits is a way better name than donut holes.  And those iced cappucinos are like a gateway drug – I never drank any sort of coffee beverage until I was handed one.



I’ve never been welcomed more by people who barely knew me before.  That reputation for Canadians being nice is well-deserved.


So finally, in summary…dear Canada, you rock!*

*I’m excusing your contributions of Nickelback and Celine Dion to the world.


Trishie said...

love your new suit ! that is ADORABLE!

jennabul said...

I love me some Canada too. A Canadian married us =)...wheeee...

D said...

1. Don Cherry rocks. You just don't understand cuz you're not Canadian.

2. I'm 99.9% certain that picture of Lululemon is of the Whistler store (wow... proof I'm Canadian hah)

3. We will forever be appoligizing for Nickelback. Celine Dion... well... some people actually like her.

Crap. Now I'm gonna end up at Timmy's.

beardies3 said...

Canada loves you too Molly!!! Didn't we dub you an honourary Canadian?

Maria said...

Just think of Nickleback and Celine Dion as comic relief for the rest of the world...ya know how the U.S. was fortunate enough to produce Britney Spears and Kanye West...

ADC said...

And they are part of Commonwealth ;))))

San said...

First: Thanks for your comment and answering my question.

Second: Pictures of halfnaked hockeyplayer WHERE?!?!?

Third: Hey, Nickelback ROCKS!!!! Nothing better to run fast than Nickelback.
Celine, well, I better say nothing here except Yuk.

Charisa said...

Tim Hortons is cool. Canada is very cool. And also very cold :)

Erin said...

I love this post!!

And I agree with D

Don Cherry does rock. I guess it is true that only Canadians understand him ;)

Where are those pictures from Vancouver Island taken? PS. nice way to sneak in the "6 weeks of summer" comment. then again, generally it is so true!

Anonymous said...

Well gosh, wow, thanks for noticing us.

That lulu shirt will be on it's way soon - just wanted to check a couple more times for a smaller size. Gives me an excuse to keep going back to the store to check on sale stuff.

Runner Leana said...

Aw, thanks for the Yay Canada! post! I agree, I think Lululemon's plot is to take over the world. I have drunk the Lululemon kool-aid as I realize that is the one store where I've probably spent the most money on clothes in the last six months.