Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Stanley!

The youngest fuzzball of the house is 3 years old today.  I am continually grateful to Beth for letting me raise this spirited and sweet boy.  He’s taught me so many new things and puts a smile on my face daily.  Stanley has some exciting things in the works for this year and I hope he has the opportunity to show his talents in new ways. 

2007_Mar24 038

2007_Apr26 013

2007_OctNov_Arizona 039



2009_June15 034




Happy birthday to sisters Nan and Beatrix and all the rest of the litter – what a great group!!!


San said...

So sweet!!!! Happy birthday from me too.

ADC said...

Oh so cute. Happy birthday Stanley.

Maria said...

What a cutie! His fur was so much darker when he was a puppy!

Meera said...

Happy birthday Stanley! I absolutely love the two pics where you are holding him.

Wes said...

Magnificent :-)

jennabul said...

Love this doggie =). Yeah for 3!

Maggs said...

Wow. There was a time when he was smaller than you :-) Happy Birthday Stanley from Harley and Springer (and me too)

Clarese said...

Happy birthday to handsome Stanley! I love the second picture and the one where you are lifting him - he looks like he outweighs you!

heather said...

I looked at the picture before I read and was all excited about a new puppy! Happy Birthday Stanley!

D said...

He lightened up SO much. WOW! This post just made me super excited to hang out with Fergus tomorrow... even if he is the biggest pain in the ass in the group :)

HAPPY (belated) B-DAY, Stan the Man!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to gorgeous Stan from Charles and me! Hard to believe your boy is three already.

Have a great year in all your rings!